Holly Starr - "Surrender"

Monday, April 25, 2011 ·

New Christian Song - Holly Starr


Missed opportunities and second chances,
if we hold back we don't react to why your calling us,
it's time to make a change so lets do something,
its why were your the cure to this complicity

I wanna faith that's stronger then the ocean tide,
I wanna give my whole life to the one who,
traded all His crowns,
let our broken lives by found,
I surrender
I surrender
I surrender

the opposite of love,
is our selfishness,
it takes away it turns gray sink to bitterness,
it's like the dead of night cold and hopeless,
if we turn we'll find the truth and see the light in us.


let these walls come down let your spirit out,
you can have it all, would you take me now (x4)