Jordan Biel - "Ready To Save You"

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 ·

This is not the way that I wanted to live.
This is not what I had in mind.
I'm so sick of all the pain I'm in;
I need a drug or 'love' to get by.
This is the not the way that I want it to end.
I don't want to leave this behind:
a life of death and lies hid by smiles
a life ended by suicide.

I I need someone to care.
I need somehow to bleed so I know I'm alive!
I I need a God that's real.
I need a love I can feel so I know He's alive!

This is not the way that God wants it to be.
He's got a plan great things for you and me.
Come to Christ His Son
and you will see the love of God shed upon a tree.
Don't think you are the only one.
I too struggle to carry-on;
not knowing which way I should go.
But "Jesus loves me this I know" that...

God God is someone who cares.
He sent His Son to bleed so you know He's alive!
I I'll show you God who's real!
It's a love you can feel so you know He's alive!

He bled and died for your sins so you don't have to.
He gave all that He had.
So you don't have to die. You can now have life.
You can now be free from all the guilt and misery.

He's alive though He died
He's alive and ready to save you!


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