Chris August - "The Candy Wrap" Lyrics

Friday, May 20, 2011 ·

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The Candy Wrap by Chris August
I love cand, i love candy the taste the taste it makes me feel so grandy the tart the bitter, the sour and sweet. i like it all so come on and let a brother eat.
Cuz its the 15th and i just got payed im working hard for my money to fu-fill what i crave. not girls or cars or power and respect but to have all the candy one could possibly collect. In my back yard, in a fort that i built it has three cand isles and a freezer full of milk turned ice cream, mixed with oreos and some butter finger bebes, oh that sounds great. Give me two give me three matter fact give me four, gallons of the mess they make my belly hit the floor, ill eat it RAWR untill my teeth are rot. Just to see the center of that tootsie roll pop.
I love candy, I love candy the taste the taste it makes me feel so grandy the tart the bitter the sour and sweet nothing like some candy make a brother want to eat.
I murder trans fat yet i have sams belly, i spread jelly on my deli dissapears like Macavelli. BAM its gone and its just not funny. I ate so much i got a cramp in my tummy. I went swimmin, nothin like a smmer snack. Ill eat it under water, just like a shark attack. While im sun-bathing, come on i need a hand, okay ill come back from my fantasy land. Back here to my house in candy land. where im the prince, the queen, and you know the king. And i kick back, whit the sweet tart neckalace bling. And top it off with a big ol ring. Pop it in your mouth till the flavor dies. when it all runs out, you'll see a grown man cry. I ised to beg, but now i eat, you know i make my money just to buy my treats.
I love candy, i love candy, the taste the taste it makes me feel so grandy, the tart the bitter the sour and sweet, nothin like some candy make a brother wanna eat. bring it down.
I finish my sandwich so i can have my pudding, I swallow whole reese cups, you ask how could he. I tunnel the funnel cakes down the right pipe. How could i be wrong if it tastes so right. If you didnt know let me bring you the news, im a skinny dude with a love for food. If you dont understand, this should give you a clue. Chris is to kit-kats like women are to shoes. A smart healthy snack, what does that even mean?Your diet is wack, mines like a real life dream. A six foot twix playing tag in the park.And a sugar daddy yeallin, son be home before dark