Lecrae – "New Shalom'

Tuesday, May 3, 2011 ·

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"New Shalom'

I wake up before I throw a beater on
Fall to my knees thank the Lord for the new Shalom
I-I wake up before I throw a beater on
Fall to my knees thank the Lord for the new Shalom
I-I wake up before I throw a beater on
Fall to my knees thank the Lord for the new Shalom
I-I wake up, I-I-I wake up
I-I tha- thank the Lord, thank thank the Lord for the new Sha-, new Shalom

Aye, I wake up before I throw a beater on
I thank the Lord for peace, or you could say Shalom
I'm on and I'm gone, out the door I'm gonna rep my home
New Jerusalem yeah you know what we've been on
Got the word in my heart,
When the day start,
then darkness wanna get it sparked up
So I keep a guard up
Cause sin'll be wanna get the best of me
And have me all scarred up
And I know I'm marked up by the Spirit
Who sendin me feelin me up with everything I need
Yeah I got that cheese but I don't need a piece
I just need peace, please
This life ain't easy, matter fact it's opposite
And I got the test results, I'm very positive
That's why I'm on this track with PRo because I'm supposed to give
Some potent portions of potion proportionate to poster kids
Of pain and suffering whose daddy's never loved on them
And wouldn't know the peace of God if it was placed in front of them
And I was one of them, I don't take my life for granted
So I'm use this day tryna share my faith and pray the seeds are planted


Early in the morning A.M., you know that I thank Him
Cause He still call me clean regardless of the mess I lay in
My vision on the throne, clearer than Patron
Yessir I am gone, in my zone
Thinking bout the way my Father put me on
It’s nothing but grace, how He’s giving me faith
And he died for the ultimate villain
I still disobey but regardless I’m changed
When I should have been dead but I’m living
See I know when I love You (??) won’t leave me alone
It’s the beauty of God and His mercy
So I’m singing this song about Him on the cross
And my heart was the item of purchase
While livin on props so worthless
Steady versing the fire but I’m merkin
Whether live or die, I’m dedicated to Christ
And yessir Imma stand on my purpose
Put my faith in Him cause He’s perfect
Insurance like Geico
Cause if I do not have His love
I’m Norman Bates, Psycho
I go hard watch me rebel with Lecrae
Give my whole life for the King, don’t trip just let Him invade
I Sho Baraka Obama, this peace is more than just words
So call Tedashii tell him Identity Crisis averted


24/7 all the time, yeah I’m on my grind
Dying every day I’m tryna rhyme
Hope to save they live
Peace what I got I feel release from the knots
Sin tied me in but Jesus had the keys to the locks
Inside this booth hey yeah I know the drill
Flesh kill but His will is with this peace that I’m filled and it’s real
Earth is not my home while I roam and roam
Got the Lord up on my dome, restin in that new Shalom

See it go C-H-R-I-S-T G-O-D, His Spirit inside of me
And without His L-O-V-E I’m another lost soul so obviously
When I touch the living water, its definitely the product
Of the grace through faith that I’m found in Him
The love He give to the curse of sin, why should I ever give in?
So chase that money, get your wrist cold as refrigerators
I will be an outcast til He raise me up- elevator
Me and you, yo mamma yo cousin my brother
But we never sell a soul for just to be stuntin
Cause everything that’s good in me the Lord He done it, run it

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