Worth Dying For - Closer Lyrics

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 ·

Closer Lyrics by Worth Dying For

I won’t let you pass me by
Here in this moment
Without you I’m empty inside
Hopeless without you in my life

No distance can keep me from you
Forever you found me
All my sin has drowned in your grace
All of my past has been erased

I don’t want to walk away from this place
Unless I know I’ve given you all of me
Lord draw me closer to you
Lord I’m standing at your feet
Calling out your name
Just to see a glimpse of your holy face
Lord draw me closer to you

I give up everything to find you
My God and my King
And this love song I sing
To find you, now let your

I don’t want to walk away from this place
I’m captured by the hands of amazing grace
Lord hold me closer to you


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