Abandon - New Years Day Lyrics

Thursday, July 14, 2011 ·

Abandon Control Album 2011

New Years Day Lyrics by Abandon

Flashes of light I open my eyes
And feel the spark of a new life
I take a breath for the first time
You are the reason my heart is beating
You put the color in my world
Yeah, the color in my world

I’ve never felt so alive
Like a brand new sunrise

Dark has turned to light and I will celebrate
All my wrongs made right
Everything has changed
My sins have been erased and it feels like
New years day

So don’t let me forget everything that you’ve done
Even though it’s in my nature
I never want to become a creature of habit

Pre 2
Cause life’s gonna get its hands on me
I know troubles gonna call my name
But you’ll be standing there trying to remind me

Oh it’s a new year, Oh it’s a new years day