Amy Grant - Overnight Lyrics (feat. Sarah Chapman)

Sunday, July 3, 2011 ·

Amy Grant Somewhere Down The Road Album 2010

Overnight Lyrics by Amy Grant ft. Sarah Chapman

So you’ve handed in your resignation
Contemplating why nothing turns out right
A little fed up with
all the disappointment
So what’s the point in wasting any time
It’s only temporary
So what’s your hurry
No need to worry don’t you know that
If it all just happened overnight
You wouldn’t know how much it means
If it all just happened overnight
You would never learn to believe
what you cannot see
I feel like my pace is at a standstill
Do I wait ‘till it falls into my hands
A long highway ahead getting started
Steady hearted is what I think I am
There’s something to be said for experience
Who knows what’s ahead keep on going
Take it a day at a time
One foot in front of the other
Take it a day at a time
No need to hurry
Take it a day at a time
It won’t happen overnight
Have a little faith
You must appreciate every single day
Don’t give up no


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