The Katinas - What It's Worth Lyrics

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 ·

Collage Album 2011
What It's Worth Lyrics by The Katinas

How can I express
The fulness and the depth
Of what it is that you
Have done for me
Words seem so small
I can't explain it all
Unending joy and love
That you bring

I was summoned to the cross
The only thing it cost
Was surrendering my life
Unto thee

For what it's worth
I give these feeble hands
And words cannot express
The glory you demand
The sacrifice you gave
Set all man free
You conquered sin and death
You did it all for me
I want to live my life
Holy surrendered unto thee

So here I am again
Unworthy of your hand
words are frail
I'll do the best I can
All I had to give
Was broken but you live
Your redeeming Love
Is healing me within.

I surrender all control
Everything I'm living for
I surrender all to you