Christian Song Lyrics Adore Him - Samuel Lane

Sunday, June 2, 2013 ·

Download Mp3 Christian Song The Fire Album Samuel Lane Adore Him Chords Lyrics by Samuel Lane

Am   F   C

Am       F                             C
It is by grace that we are saved
Am          F                             C
Through faith and not by works
Am                 F                                 C
For it is through Jesus that we have life
Am             F                                C
To live is a blessing, to live is Christ

Am     Fmaj7      C
Come, let us, adore Him
Am     Fmaj7       C
Come, let us, adore Him

Am                     F                             C
So we've been raised with Jesus Christ
Am                  F                           C
Let's set our hearts on things above
Am                       F                                             C
That we may be filled with the fullness of God
Am                         F                                     C
And walk in the freedom He's given us

F                     G
To our God, to our Father
Am                  C Csus
Be the glory, forever and ever

Ad libs...
Oh adore Him
Oh adore Him



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