Lirik Lagu Rohani Barat Let Them See You - JJ Weeks Band

Saturday, June 21, 2014 ·

Kumpulan Lagu Lagu Rohani Barat Terpopuler 2014 
Judul Lagu : Let Them See You 
 Penyanyi : JJ Weeks Band 
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Lirik Let Them See You - Let Them See You Lyrics

Take away the melodies, take away the songs I sing
Take away all the lights and all the songs You let me write
Does the man I am today say the words you need to say

Let them see You in me let them hear You when I speak
Let them feel You when I sing
Let them see You, let them see You in me

Who am I with out Your grace, another smile another face
Another breath a grain of sand passing quickly through Your hand
I give my life an offering take it all take everything


With every breath I breathe I sing a simple melody
But I pray they'll hear more than a song
In me, in me




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