Lirik Lagu Rohani Barat We Are Brave - Shawn McDonald

Thursday, June 19, 2014 ·

Kumpulan Lagu Lagu Rohani Barat Terbaru 2014 
Judul Lagu : We Are Brave 
Penyanyi : Shawn Mcdonald 
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Lirik Lagu Rohani Barat We Are Brave

We are brave! 
We might bend or even break
The journey's long, but we will celebrate
When we get through the valley

We're not defined by the fall
We get back up
Keep pressing through these walls
It's worth the fight

And we say hey, when we go through the fire
Heart in hand, hope alive, it will be ok
Hey, when we walk across the wire
We won't back down ‘cause we are brave
We are brave

And even though we might be afraid
To place it all on the line we won't hesitate
We've come too far

So let the blaze keep growing higher
It's in the flames that we shine brighter
Standing tall through it all
‘Cause we are the fighters

We got style, we got grace, and we walk it bold
We got hearts full of life that are made of gold
We're alive, we're alive and we keep on moving, moving



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