Aniel - "Freakshow"

Friday, May 6, 2011 ·

Christian Song Lyrics - Aniel


They stop and stare, yeah
When they see us in action.
Wondering where, oh where
We got that Jesus fashion-fashion-shion.
Don't you know that...

You and me with Christ
Make the majority.
Together we can do-do all things.
One generation can change a nation.
We about to take a journey.

Ain't no way you're gonna stop
Us us us, us us us.
We gon keep on rocking!
G-g-got that Jesus Christ,
spirits ele-le-lec-le-trified-fied.
So put ya hands up!
Put ya, put ya, put ya
Put ya hands up if you ready to ride!
We coming outta the dark,
Into the light.
Are you ready for a freak show tonight?

We pop, rock, like machine
Long as you get what we mean.
Spiting top singles, but ain't
Messing with no mingling.
We bout that "next-G."
Christ reppin' in authority.
When we step in we gon shut it down.

Whomever the Son sets free
Is free, surely, free indeed.

If you wanna go with us
Come on, gotta give it up. Say Hey!
And if you don't wanna go
Be informed to get out the way!


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