Blindside - Withering Lyrics

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 ·

Blindside With Shivering Hearts We Wait Album 2011

Withering Lyrics by Blindside

Are you sure I'm what you came for
Are we playing still?
You already know my secret hideout
This is hide-and-seek with no point whatsoever

Hey I'm still glorious
But I'm withering like roses in the fall

But it's you alone I wait for
When I run to the hideout
You're the inception of beauty
I lay in tar and roll around in feathers
Hide and seek with no point whatsoever

Hey, I'm still glorious
But I'm withering like roses in the fall

And we break our silence with a toast that shatters glass
And with a shard you §lab my heart out and it's grey and out of shape
I feel its growing back inside as you hold my hand
I said move, you §land right in my shame
But you stand your ground

Say that I'm still glorious
Say that I'm not withering like roses
Hey, I'm still glorious
While I'm withering like roses in the fall

You put a little black flower in my left shirt-pocket
I still feel it now as something heavy
But it's losing leaves somehow
We wait for nothing now
We were never really close
Don't pretend there's not ice in your blood
So please hush we're at the edge
One of us needs to jump or push
And so your eyes starts running but your face looks cold
Because it's just cold when it's not right
And it's a heartache